World Federation of Hypnotherapists (1980)
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What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a trance like state in which you have a heightened focus and concentration.

It can help to gain control over...

Hypnotherapy Diploma Training with the WFH

WFH has been training students since 1980. We are a long established  professional organisation, managed on a...

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Welcome to The World Federation of Hypnotherapists (WFH)

The Society of HypnoAnalysts (UK based)

WFH Diploma course is officially approved and listed by the International Hypnotherapy Association

Hypnotherapy Diploma Course (approved and listed by the Hypnotherapy Association), Hypnotherapy Training 1981

We are an Independent "not for profit" organisation with high standards of classroom training. WFH is managed by an elected committee: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer; it is run by professional hypnotherapists for professional hypnotherapists. CPD Seminars and training for members.


Our Management Committee has over 70 years business experience in private practice, giving invaluable support and guidance for members and students on a day to day basis. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards. All our WFH Trainers have earned their living as Hypnotherapists for a number of years before becoming Trainers.

Management Committee


Gwen Davis

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David Adam

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