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The World Federation of Hypnotherapists

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   Associated with the Society of Hypno-Analysts
   WFH Diploma course is officially approved and listed by the Hypnotherapy Association

Associate Membership - Benefits

The World Federation of Hypnotherapists have opened up their membership to all qualified hypnotherapists for the first time in its long and illustrious history. We are a vibrant and progressive organisation set to meet the challenges of the 21st century with vigour and dynamism. Why not join us as an associate member and enjoy all membership benefits including:-

* Regular workshops at reduced fees
* Use of the designated letters below after your name
* AMWFH - Associate Member of The World Federation of Hypnotherapists
* AMSHA - Associate Member of The Society of Hypnoanalysts
* AMSHR - Associate Member of The Society for Hypnotic Research
* Cheaper practice liability insurance should you become a member of the Society
* Access to our comprehensive library

The World Federation of Hypnotherapists

Annual membership costs just 50 per year, to apply for associate membership please print off a form and send it to WFH Secretary Gwen Davis F.W.F.H. F.B.A.Th.H. MHS. (contact details on form). If you can't view the form you may need to download a free copy of Adobe Reader.

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WFH Code of Ethics

Professional Conduct:
* WFH hypnotherapists shall at all times and in all circumstances conduct themselves with probity, putting client welfare before any other considerations providing it is legal to do so.
* They shall never provide any treatment for which they are not qualified.
* They shall never misrepresent themselves or their profession by making claims that cannot be substantiated, this applies not only to qualifications, training, experience but also to advertising and the media.
* When working with children or minors (under 18) WFH hypnotherapists will ensure that a parent of the child or minor is present at all times.
* WFH hypnotherapists shall give clients the opportunity to have a friend or relative attend their treatment visits at clinic.
* WFH hypnotherapists will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of their clients and whoever accompanies them, making sure that both place of practise and facilities are suitable for their purpose.
* WFH hypnotherapists shall ensure that the clients they treat are in therapy for no longer than is completely necessary. If the client requires treatment that is beyond the WFH practitioners experience, the practitioner shall refer to a fellow therapist who has that experience.
* When working with clients the WFH practitioner shall maintain a professional relationship at all times. If for any reason the professional relationship becomes difficult to maintain the WFH practitioner shall refer the client immediately to a fellow therapist.
* WFH hypnotherapists shall not accept gifts or gratuities from clients.
* WFH hypnotherapists shall be completely open and transparent about fee structures and treatment when being consulted by clients.
* WFH hypnotherapists will never discriminate against any client for any reason ie. race, colour, creed, sexual orientation, political beliefs etc.
* WFH hypnotherapists will never treat a client presenting with pain without liaising with the clients GP first and shall be aware that hypnotherapy treatment is contraindicated for any client presenting with epilepsy or any form of psychosis.
* If a client requests a home visit the WFH practitioner shall always ensure that there is a third party present ie. friend or relative of the client.
* WFH hypnotherapists shall respond in good faith to any complaints from clients seeking to remedy them quickly. If such complaints cannot be remedied quickly to the satisfaction of the client the WFH practitioner shall contact the committee immediately to inform them of the full details of the complaint.
The World Federation of Hypnotherapists
* Strict confidentiality will be maintained at all times in the therapist /client relationship provided that:
     (a). The safety of the client or the client's family or any member of the general public is not compromised.
     (b). Such confidentiality is not in contravention of any legal action or legal requirement that demands disclosure.
* Client records will be kept in a place of security under lock and key.
* Computer databases containing clients records shall be adequately password protected.
* WFH hypnotherapists may use case histories for training or supervision purposes only when client anonymity is observed.
* WFH hypnotherapists shall always obtain consent from a client if they wish to record their treatment whether audio or video, confidentiality and security shall be strictly adhered to when storing the recordings.

Practitioner Well-Being
* WFH hypnotherapists must always be aware of their own physical and mental well-being and shall temporarily suspend their practice to consult other appropriate professionals if, as, and when it becomes necessary (through ill health) to do so

* WFH hypnotherapists shall ensure that professional indemnity / liability insurance is always current and fully paid up.

Continuous Professional Development
* To keep abreast of changes in the profession ie. new techniques etc, and to ensure that clients receive the very best treatment WFH practitioners shall commit themselves to attending an adequate number of workshops or seminars each year, currently a minimum of two units, one unit for each workshop or seminar.

The World Federation of Hypnotherapists

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